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Exciting News!  New website coming April 2014

 Long Term Care Insurance Claim Filing & Ongoing Claims Management

Ecare Diary

Working with families on filing and managing their claims has introduced us to a new world of people like us who created a service to fill a need when they had their own long term care event within their family.  Susan Baida and her husband, John Mills, founded Ecare diary when he became a caregiver for his father who suffered from Parkinson's Disease.  They found coordinating long term care to be difficult because of the lack of good information.  Ecare Diary now offers comprehensive information, tools and resources to help those seeking and providing long term care.http://www.ecarediary.com/WebinarOD35/How-to-File-Long-Term-Care-Insurance-Claims-Successfully-.aspx

Ecare Diary now has online tools for caregivers to manage care - including doctor's appointments, tracking medications, coordinating family caregiving schedules and tips on caring for themselves.  Check them out: www.ecarediary.com You can listen to a podcast of their latest radio show. 



Internet Radio Interview

Our President, Wendy rinehart, recently had an interview with a popular internet radio host (Kari Berit) who focuses on issues related to senior care.  the interview focused on how to help someone claim on a long term care policy.  to hear the interview, click below: 

ClaimJockey radio interview with Kari Berit

ClaimJockey Increases Likelihood of Collecting From Your Long Term Care Policy

Today FCF Holding announces the results of the market test of ClaimJockey, their new long-term care insurance claims assistance service, the first of its kind in America. "It's proving more successful than when families tackle the claims process alone," says Wendy Rinehart, President.

In the market test, ClaimJockey had close to a 100 percent success rate on filed claims. Families attempting to file claims on their own have a much lower success rate the first time they attempt the paperwork. "In our experience, carriers pay 100 percent of the time when claims are appropriate and documentation is complete."